Our Products

Responsible Forestry Practices

We believe that the forest is one of our most valuable natural resources and must be managed responsibly. Our company harvests and processes wood products with the long term health of our forests in mind.

Salvage and reclaim

Our local forest has suffered a terrible tragedy: drought mixed with bark beetle infestation has killed much of our pine. Making the best of a bad situation, we turn this beautiful wood into much needed lumber and design products. This wood can be used for everything from pressure treated timbers, corral boards and pallet material to finished tongue and groove ceilings and cabinetry.

Rustic Design

The design world can't get enough of rustic decor. Our rough cut lumber offers a unique texture created by the circular saw on our mill. The cut patterns make the wood grain and character really pop. The use of the circular saw has become less common in commercial sawmills, but we love the traditional look!