OG Redwood

Current Stock

River Trout

Weathered with green, red and blue tones.

Down Home

White Wash over weathered with grey and white tones

Back 40

Weathered with dark grey tones.

Beetle Kill Blue

Natural wood with blue stain

Sugar Plum

Weathered with purple, red and grey tones.

Ginger Shenanigans

Weathered with red tones.

Fishing In The Dark

White Wash over weathered with blue and grey tones.

Sierra Star

White Wash over weathered with neutral and white tones.

Rustic Shiplap

OG Redwood Reclaimed

Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood

OG Redwood Shiplap

Reclaimed Old Growth Redwood squared and run to Shiplap pattern.



Custom sliding and hinged doors, built to order.


Vintage weathered with classic grey tones.